Boobs Not Bombs 
  Boobs Not Bombs celebrates the breast: large or small, healthy or ill. We promote women's heath and non-violence under a banner of creativity and humor.

We hope to work towards a thoughtful assessment of how to prevent war and further violence in the Middle East. By advocating peaceful and diplomatic resolutions (inherent in the foundations of the democratic process) we add our voices to the millions of women throughout the world who have refused to tolerate the Bush administration's unethical and dehumanizing policies.

We believe that our actions, voices, clothes, bodies and minds are our grestest weapons. With our Boobs Not Bombs t-shirts we seek to make our dissenting voices known and to create a unity through consciousness and wit.

Furthermore our t-shirts are a direct response to the presence and prevalence of Breast Cancer worldwide. Because we have faced this disease in our families we have chosen to donate a portion of our proceeds to breast cancer awareness and prevention.

So wear your Boobs Not Bombs t-shirts with pride, ladies and gents, because under each t-shirt is "where the breast protests!

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