Hey Ladies What you can do!
Recently it has become widely publicized that there are almost 22 million women who were eligible to vote in 2000 and did not. Single women are the largest demographic group that under registers and under votes in this country.

1. Register to vote in 2004

2. Help spread the word (especially in the battleground states of California, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, and Pennsylvania) not only by wearing and voting your conscience but by engaging friends, family members, co- workers and neighbors in conversation about the upcoming elections. Help empower those who may be undecided toward decisions that offer themselves a sense of hope and confidence not only in them but also in the political process. Stress the importance of voting and connect how voting can directly improve and affect people’s quality of life.

3. Arm yourself with information! Be able to discuss how the Bush administration is misleading and manipulating the public and actively damaging the future for everyone especially women.

4. Remind your single female friends that George W. Bush is trying to repeal Roe V Wade, and that over 1 million women convened in DC to fight for women’s choice and right to self-determination.

5. Create “fact sheets” voter guides or flyers and distribute them in parking lots, malls, grocery stores, and cafes, anywhere!! For more information and useful facts about some of Bush’s failures and lies check out www.codepink4peace.com, the talking points page or www.moveon.org.

6. Organize carpools to help get people to the voting booth on November 2, 2004
7. Write an op-ed piece or contact your congressperson. If you don’t know who that is you can find out at www.congess.org , its easy!!

8. Advocate and advertise for yourself, your beliefs, and the importance of the democratic process by wearing your conscience in BUST BUSH Tees or anything else!

Here are some additional links that can help you frame your next steps!!!!
Ruckus Society, www.ruckus.org
League of Pissed Off Voters, www.indyvoter.org (voter education and registration)
RANT (Root Activist Network of Trainers), http://www.rantcollective.org/
Training for Change, http://www.trainingforchange.org/
Michael Moore, documentarian, and hero www.michaelmoore.com
She Votes, a great resource for women, www.shevotes.org
Get a cool beauty kit for your salon and register to vote, www.1000flowers.org
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